Basel: Pure Culture

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Basel has an incredibly diverse range of culture. There’s enough here to satisfy every sense: art, concerts, museums, theatres, architecture. It is not without reason that Basel is called the “Cultural Capital of Switzerland”. Some of its museums are world famous. It’s the perfect mix of cosmopolitan flair and living tradition.” urban Basel,
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Car sharing, shopping fresh from the market, swimming to work, being spoiled with culinary delights, seeing a professional athlete live, listening to world-famous musicians – you can experience “almost everything” in and around RhySide.

Lage & Verkehr

Distances RhySide

Badischer Bahnhof
Basel Hauptbahnhof
Rheinhafen Dreiländereck
Grenzach Grenze, D
St. Louis Grenze, F
Flughafen EuroAirport
Freiburg i. Breisgau, D
Flughafen Zürich

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70 km
85 km

Standort RhySide

1 Sportanlage Rankhof
2 Kraftwerkinsel
3 Birsköpfli
4 Rheinbad Breite
5 Papiermühle
6 Kunstmuseum
7 Theater Basel
8 Kaserne
9 Volkshaus
10 Messeplatz
11 Werkraum Warteck
12 Tinguely Museum

Lage & Verkehr


Public transportation

Stops and timetables of the BVB tram and bus lines.

Location & Traffic

Location & Traffic